Mission Statement

IBG, Inc. is a non-profit organization focusing on utilizing the power of philanthropy through the arts to benefit disenfranchised women and children both domestically and abroad. Functioning as a fundraising facilitator for selected charities, IBG works with those charities to hold special events and auctions that raise both funds and awareness..


IBG began as an idea on the back of a diner napkin in the wee hours of a night in the late summer of 2008 when three friends, inspired by the tireless charity work of actress Gillian Anderson (though officially unaffiliated), got together to make a difference. Since that day, IBG, Inc. has established an official tax-exempt non-profit organization and we have had the pleasure of hosting events to benefit a number of charities across the globe, including NF, Inc., UNICEF, SA-YES, UCLA-Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center, Kids Defense Team, American Cancer Society, and many more.

IBG Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation organized in 2008. The corporation was classified by the IRS as a public charity (#80-0488317), eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions under federal tax law.


IBG has dispersed over 100,000 USD to date, to charities in need worldwide. We rely on contributions from our supporters to fund our events. IBG provides the venue, the advertising and arranges for talent involvement for organizations that would otherwise struggle with the logistics and costs associated with event fundraising. Please help us continue our work, and consider supporting us by becoming a Friend of IBG or by making a small tax-deductable donation. Thank you.

Want to help IBG, but are unable to make it out to Los Angeles for one of our events? Your interest is good enough!